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The Toxicity of Body Positivity And Celebrating Fat Liberation Month

We’ve previously touched on Diversity & Inclusion in marketing, yet one topic that’s often overlooked is size diversity. Instead of body positivity, companies should be focusing on its roots in the Fat Acceptance Movement. Body Positivity started as a way to advocate for the most marginalized; fat, trans, and disabled …

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Approaching Internship Recruitment Ethically

As summer approaches, agencies and businesses of various industries will be looking to recruit interns. In fact, Brave World Media has already interviewed and recruited two local college students to work with us this summer. We feel very passionately about the topic around internships, especially in the media industry, whether …

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Surviving Travels’ Revenge

Revenge Travel is a buzzword that has been used over the last year to describe the increase in people traveling to make up for the experiences they lost during the pandemic. However, surviving travels’ revenge hasn’t been easy. From chaos at the airports, like Lufthansa and Eurowings canceling more than …

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How to Use Social Media Stories to Promote Your Business

By now you know how important social media marketing is for your company or brand. But do you know how to use social media “Stories” to promote your business? Businesses need to understand how to properly use this feature to their advantage. As it gives you a new avenue to …

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Short form video

The Easy Guide to Short Form Videos

Video remains king when it comes to digital marketing and standing out on social media. With a short-form video, you can deliver a message or engage your audience in seconds. Here is an easy guide to short-term videos to help increase your brand engagement and success. The short-form video should …

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Black is Beautiful

Since the writing of this post, Congress has passed the Crown Act banning discrimination against Black hairstyles. It is important to note that even during this process opponents suggested that this discussion in the halls of Congress was frivolous and a “distraction from important matters that impact the American people”. …

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