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Lessons Learned from the Great Facebook Blackout

We all survived the Great Facebook Blackout of 2021, barely. When some of Facebook’s servers crashed on October 4, 2021, more than mindless scrolling was halted. For six hours 3.5 billion users were unable to access Instagram, WhatsApp, or Facebook. Millions of businesses weren’t able to reach potential customers, government …

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Social Media Influence: The Good and Bad

In part one we explained how the Great Facebook Blackout of 2021 severely impacted companies, countries, and communities around the world. As well as how Facebook is being accused of putting people above profit according to Frances Haugen, one of two Facebook Whistleblowers.  On a global scale, social media is …

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Calling Out The Media: The #VogueChallenge

Like most viral sensations the Vogue Challenge started as a hashtag. What some people don’t realize is that it began on TikTok as a celebration of the magazine in May before it became a call to action. Here’s a breakdown of how one of the most respected fashion publications in …

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Black is Beautiful

Since the writing of this post, Congress has passed the Crown Act banning discrimination against Black hairstyles. It is important to note that even during this process opponents suggested that this discussion in the halls of Congress was frivolous and a “distraction from important matters that impact the American people”. …

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Art as Activism

In the 1920s Mexican Muralists like Diego Rivera painted murals that told the stories of the working class; miners, farmers, and industrial laborers. Today artists all over the world are answering an artistic call to action.   View this post on Instagram   “The Uprising” by Diego Rivera 1931. A …

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Short form video

The Easy Guide to Short Form Videos

Video remains king when it comes to digital marketing and standing out on social media. With a short-form video, you can deliver a message or engage your audience in seconds. Here is an easy guide to short-term videos to help increase your brand engagement and success. The short-form video should …

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