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The New Entrepreneur 

From 1760 to about 1840 the First Industrial Revolution introduced new processes that moved manufacturing from small shops and homes to large factories. This was quickly followed by a shift in culture as people moved from the rural areas where the manufacturing once took place and into big cities where …

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Art as Activism

In the 1920s Mexican Muralists like Diego Rivera painted murals that told the stories of the working class; miners, farmers, and industrial laborers. Today artists all over the world are answering an artistic call to action.   View this post on Instagram   “The Uprising” by Diego Rivera 1931. A …

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Calling Out The Media: The #VogueChallenge

Like most viral sensations the Vogue Challenge started as a hashtag. What some people don’t realize is that it began on TikTok as a celebration of the magazine in May before it became a call to action. Here’s a breakdown of how one of the most respected fashion publications in …

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